Take a look at some of the projects I've worked on. Additional pieces can be provided on request...

Hair Colour Service Description.JPG

Service Page: The Hair Boutique

This page is part of a website re-write I did for a premium hair salon and is aimed at individuals who are already considering changing their hair colour. The copy aims to create excitement while alleviating concerns about hair becoming damaged or the colour fading prematurely. It also positions my client as an expert in their industry and reassures the reader they’ll be in safe hands.

Heat Pump Myths.JPG

Blog Post: Heatio Energy

This blog post aims to dispel some of the common myths about heat pump technology. I carried out in-depth research including speaking with an industry expert and formed the technical details into an engaging and informative article that appeals to the target audience.  The article provides the reader with evidence that many assumptions about heat pumps aren’t correct and provides details for them to get in touch to arrange a home assessment.

Email Sequence - Email 3.JPG

Email Sequence: Polar Insight

This is the third and final email in an email sequence that aimed to get the recipient to take part in industry research. It makes it clear that if the reader has been thinking of signing up, now is the time to do so. Key points are in bold so they stand out to those who skim the text, and important details are provided in bullet point format. The text at the bottom reassures the reader they’re eligible, and the secondary CTA appeals to those who want to discuss the opportunity further before registering.
Subject Line: Closing Soon [LAST FEW SPACES AVAILABLE]

Virtual Retreat Sales Page.JPG

Sales Page: Frankie Milligan Online Retreat

This sales page makes it clear exactly what attendees will get from the online retreat and how it will improve their lives. These outcomes are designed to resonate with the target audience and are based on the struggles, concerns, and challenges that these people face.

Clogau Candle Product Description.JPG

Product Description: Clogau

This product description explains how purchasing the product will make the reader feel. It evokes an image of being in a peaceful, fragrant room while enjoying the soft glow of candlelight. As this candle is available for purchase online it was important to include information about the scent of the candle so that the reader knows what to expect.

Triple Glazed Windows SEO article.JPG

SEO Blog Post: Compare Companies

This blog post explains the benefits of triple glazed windows in an engaging and informative way. I chose the angle of whether they can reduce heating bills to appeal to those who are concerned about rising energy costs. I added a list of keywords that were suggested by Semrush and included these throughout the text in a way that reads naturally. I conducted thorough research to find relevant statistics and ensured that the piece provides the reader with valuable information.

Group Retreat E-Book - BWR.JPG

E-book: Bespoke Wellness Retreats

This E-book is one of 4 that I wrote for this client. It is aimed at service providers (e.g. yoga teachers) who are considering putting on a retreat and describes the various benefits that they will get by doing so, including increasing profits and building customer loyalty. It also explains how Bespoke Wellness Retreats can make arranging a retreat easy and hassle-free.

Jonusta Freelancer Landing Page.JPG

Landing Page: Jonusta

This text is at the top of a landing page which aims to get freelancers to sign up to use the Jonusta platform. The key benefits of exciting projects, career development, and finding work easily are prominent. It is also made clear that signing up for Jonusta is free which reminds freelancers that they have nothing to lose by taking the next step and signing up for the platform. 

Website Copy: White Knight Painting

Website Copy: White Knight Painting

This page promotes the benefits of a cabinet refinishing service. It addresses the main concerns that a customer may have, namely the cost, the quality of the workmanship, and being inconvenienced while the work is taking place. As well as alleviating these concerns the page also makes the reader aware that they can get a kitchen which looks new much faster and at a lower cost compared to replacing it.

Cariad Horizon.JPG

Marketing Email: Clogau Jewellery

This email was sent to the subscribers of an email newsletter to introduce a brand new collection. It aims to make the reader feel excited about this new range of products, and is described in a way which inspires the reader to consider how the theme relates to their own life. I worded the email carefully so that it speaks to people who purchase jewellery for themselves as well as those who purchase it as a gift for a loved one. I embodied the brand voice, and included the USP of the company to remind the reader what sets them apart from the competition

CUB Jewelry About Page.JPG

About Page: CUB

This About Page is written to appeal to the target audience of CUB, who are Alternative, Gen Z individuals who are proud of their unique style. I have broken the page down into small sections to make it more concise and easy to read. Each heading provides a key selling point of CUB and demonstrates why the reader should choose CUB over a competitor

WKP Facebook Post.JPG

Social Media Post: White Knight Painting

This post encourages readers to nominate a charity for the annual White Knight Painting charity giveaway. What the charity will win plus the benefits of this are clear. The question at the start of the post aims to grab the attention of the reader, and there is a link which will take them straight to the landing page where they can learn more about the giveaway and submit their nomination

Mindful Extracts 5% Product Description.JPG

Product Description: Mindful Extracts

This product description promotes the benefits that the user can expect from using the product, while also giving them the necessary information that they require before they commit to a purchase. Due to the nature of the product I had to be very careful about not making any inappropriate claims around what the product can help to achieve, and so instead focussed on how the user might feel if the product worked for them.